Haifa Al-Mansour’s ‘The Perfect Candidate’ at Oscars Film Festival

The Perfect Candidate’s official poster
The Perfect Candidate’s official poster

Saudi Arabia has nominated "The Perfect Candidate" movie for next year's Oscars in the Foreign Film category.

The film was chosen after attending international film festivals where it competed for the Golden Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival last September, setting a precedent in the history of Saudi cinema.

"The Perfect Candidate" by the Saudi director, Haifa Al-Mansour discusses Saudi women's empowerment through the story of a female doctor who transcends social barriers and stands for election.

A shot of the film gathers its stars

"The Perfect Candidate" is starring Milla Al-Zahrani and Noura Al-Awad, and written by Haifa Al-Mansour with the participation of Brad Neman. It was filmed inside Saudi Arabia.

Wadjda's Official Poster

Haifa Al Mansour has previously participated in the Oscar competition for the film "Wadjda" in 2013, while Saudi Arabia was represented in the Oscar in 2017 film "Barakah meets Barakah" by Mahmoud Sabbagh.

Haifa Al-Mansour

It's noteworthy that Haifa Al-Mansour was the first Saudi-female toshoot a film in Saudi Arabia, 'Wadjda' in 2012 which tells the story of arebellious Saudi girl, Waad Mohammad who enters a Koran recitation competitionat her school and hopes to win enough money to buy her own bicycle.

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