Gunfire inside a mosque in Norway

Gunfire inside a mosque in Norway
Philip Manshaus, the suspect of an armed attack at Al-Noor Mosque and killing his stepsister appears in court in Oslo, Norway

One person was injured in a shooting on Saturday in a mosque in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and a suspect was arrested, the Norwegian police said.

"One person who was not yet aware of the seriousness of his injury was injured. A suspect was arrested," the Norwegian police said in a tweet, adding that its elements deployed in the site surrounding the mosque.

 "Awhite man wearing a helmet and uniform shot a member of our community,"the mosque's imam, Irfan Mushtaq, told the local newspaper Podistica.

The mosque's imam told the TV channel "2" that the man was carrying several weapons, where the shooting took place in Al-Nour mosque in the town of Baerum, a suburb of Oslo.

"Aman who appears to be a Norwegian entered the mosque with a rifle andpistols," the mosque's imam added, "He started shooting at thosearound him".

One of the worshipers was able to overcome the shooter and was then held by the worshipers before being arrested by the Norwegian police.

The Norwegian Police said there was no indication that more people were involved in the shooting, saying only that the detainee was "white".

The Norwegian police said on Sunday that the shooting at a mosque on Saturday, would be investigated as a "possible terrorist act".

"Weare investigating this as an attempt to carry out a terrorist act,"Assistant Police Chief, Ron Schoold told Reuters.

Thelawyer for the suspect told Reuters on Monday that her client also refuses toplead guilty to the murder of his sister, which occurred on the same day heattacked the mosque in the Islamic center of the Norwegian capital.

Sheasserted that her client was not talking to the interrogators, saying: "Heis exercising his right not to be questioned".

Acourt is expected to issue a decision later today on the police's request todetain the 21-year-old suspect for several weeks.

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