GCC Standardization Organization Announces 2020 Training Plan

GCC Standardization Organization Announces 2020 Training Plan
40th GCC Summit kicks off with attendance of Leaders and Heads of Delegations

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) StandardizationOrganization (GSO) has announced the 2020 training plan in the field ofstandardization and its relevant activities.

GSO Secretary General Saud bin Nasser Al-Khusaibistated that the plan comes in line with the core objectives of GSO, which aimat developing individuals working in standardization organizations of memberstates, meeting the needs of professional employment and raising awareness ofthe importance of standardization and its related activities.

Al-Khusaibi also said that the Organization will organize 15different programs and workshops, which will be held in the GCC Member Statesaccording to the plan.

The programs and workshops will cover different topics,including sustainable energy applications, comparison between GSO standards andcorresponding international standards, data analysis; and work mechanism indeveloping international standards (ISO / IEC).

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