GACA takes preventive measures in Saudi Airports

SGS depends best technologies in sterilizing Saudi planes and airports
SGS depends best technologies in sterilizing Saudi planes and airports

GACA continues to implement many preventive measures from Coronavirus in Saudi airports in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

Sterilizing and disinfecting airport terminals

GACA intensified its efforts of sterilizing and disinfecting airport terminals (arrival and departure). Besides, all of the general facilities around the Kingdom's airports.

GACA dedicated all of its capabilities and modern equipments to work around the clock in every international and domestic airports. This is with the aim of providing a healthy integrated environment for visitors of terminals throughout the airports.

Meanwhile, GACA seeks to take all health and preventive measures in the sterilization and disinfection operations of all the airports terminals.

Field teams carry on the disinfection and sterilization operations on a daily 24 hours basis. They use environmentally friendly materials in accordance with the highest global safety and health standards.

This includes cleaning all terminals doors (arrival and departure). In addition to sterilizing floors, barriers, walls, check-in counters, passenger bridges. Besides, waiting chairs, passport controls, security inspection machines, luggage conveyor belts, luggage transport vehicles and toilets.

Much less everything that comes in the area of contact with the traveler to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Virus.

Instructions via loudspeakers

Furthermore, airports activated inside the terminals; to remind passengers of the need to use medical masks and sterile fluids that are provided inside the terminals.

GACA has taken many steps to prevent the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

It implemented many preventive measures for passengers coming from countries where the virus poses a major threat, whether in airplanes, or inside airport terminals.

This is accomplished by training the flight crew on how to deal with suspected cases during the flight by using decontamination tools, isolating procedures, and submitting the necessary reports to the Ministry of Health upon the arrival.

All arriving passengers has to go health check-up and pass through mandatory thermal cameras to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Health practitioners and medical teams are present at all of the Kingdom's airports to perform all the necessary precautions, in addition to sterilizing and disinfecting of aircraft after all passengers have disembarked.

GACA is keen on implementing all preventive measures to fight the new Coronavirus in airports around the Kingdom, where the procedures include allocating medical teams in airport access ports to examine all passengers arriving (via direct and indirect flights) from the regions and countries where the Coronavirus is prevalent.

Furthermore, when a case is suspected amongst passengers, a safe route is activated to transfer the given case.

GACA issued several circulars to all air carriers operating in the Kingdom; to implement binding preventive measures on air carriers coming to the Kingdom from the coronavirus-hit countries.

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