“Cultures from Russia” event, in Riyadh

“Cultures from Russia” event, in Riyadh

The Saudi Ministry of Culture iscelebrating the masterpieces of Russian culture through various events to beheld at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh, coinciding with the visit ofRussian President, Vladimir Putin, to Saudi Arabia.

The events include a variety ofperformances highlighting the value of Russian culture, including an exhibitionof paintings of the Russian artist, Vasily Kandinsky, an art exhibition ofartificial intelligence, as well as screenings of classic and modern Russianfilms.

Tchaikovsky Orchestra

The event, entitled "Culturesfrom Russia", will kick off on Monday evening with a concert featuring theRussian Tchaikovsky Orchestra, which will present a selection of world-famousmusicians, including Sergei Rachmaninov and Nikolai Korsakov.

The Ministry of Culture made it possible for the audience from all walks of life to attend the orchestra and other events.

The "Cultures from Russia" eventwill also feature the exhibition "Artificial Intelligence and Dialogue ofCultures", in which 10 artists will present works of art implemented throughcomputer software in a manner that includes a new view of the relationshipbetween the artist and the viewers.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are "Mimosa of Passerby" by Mario Klingeman, questioning the principle of perfectionism.

"Cultures from Russia" event also features an exhibition of works by the founder of the Russian abstract art, Vasily Kandinsky, who died in 1944. His paintings represent a brilliant art show full of color and expression, showing details of wooden houses, utensils, household items, toys, and spinning wheels in the 19th and 20th centuries.

A series of major classical andmodern Russian films will also be screened at "Cultures from Russia"event, including the film "The Mirror" by the Russian director, AndreiTarkovsky, a milestone in the history of world cinema. The Oscar-winning shortfilm "The Elder and the Sea" by Alexander Petrov and Stalingrad, one of themost successful modern Russian films, was released in 2013; it presents thecourageous story of a group of Russians who faced the siege of German forces inWorld War II.

The films will be screened in dedicatedgalleries at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh.

The Ministry of Culture isorganizing the events, in partnership with the Russian Direct Investment Fund,to celebrate the masterpieces of what Russian culture has produced with itslong creative history, and to emphasize the depth of relations between SaudiArabia and Russia.

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