COVID-19 Follow-up Committee Affirms Importance of Adhering to Curfew Order

COVID-19 Follow-up Committee Affirms Importance of Adhering to Curfew Order
COVID-19 Follow-up Committee Affirms Importance of Adhering to Curfew Order

The committee concerned with following up the health situation of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) held here today its 43rd meeting under chairmanship of Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah in the presence of the committee's members representing a number of relevant governmental entities.

The committee reviewed the reports and developmentsof the virus as well as the epidemiological situation of the virus worldwideincluding the confirmed cases in the Kingdom and assuring their healthsituations, affirming the importance of continuation of applying and enhancingall precautionary measures at all entry ports as well as all precautionarymeasures to confront and contain the virus.

The committee hailed the current commitment ofeveryone to the curfew order, calling on them to stay at home except in case ofnecessity.

Following the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Al-AbdAl-Aali, spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, and Lt. Col. TalalAl-Shalhoub, Security Spokesperson of the Interior Ministry, held a joint pressconference.

The Spokesperson of the Health Ministry reported that the total number of confirmed cases with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world amounted to 952,000, adding that 202,000 cases recovered so far. He disclosed that the number of deaths reached 48,000.

"As many as 165 new cases of COVID-19 are confirmed in the Kingdom, including two travel-linked cases who are isolated since their arrival to the Kingdom's ports. Other cases are recorded recently for persons who were in contact with previous cases. All the cases are under health observation," he added.

The confirmed cases covered many cities in theKingdom, he said, citing 48 in Madinah, 46 in Makkah, 30 in Jeddah, nine inAl-Khafji, seven in Riyadh, six in Khamis Mushait, five in Qatif, four in eachof Dammam and Dhahran, two in Abha and one in each of Ras Tanoura, Khobar, AhadRufida and Bisha.

The Health Spokesperson stated that the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom are 1,885, including 1536 diagnosed as active, adding that there are a number of recovered cases.

He announced five new deaths as follows: tworesidents in Madinah, a female citizen in Madinah, a resident in Dammam and amale citizen in Khamis Mushait, bringing to 21 the total number of deaths inthe Kingdom.

The total number of new recovered cases reached64, bringing to 328 the total recoverees.

Dr. Al-Abd Al-Aali highlighted the preemptivesteps being taken by the Kingdom to maintain protection and health security ofthe society, including health control in entrances, halting gatherings, societyactivities and festivals. However, distance education and e-remote work areactivated, he added.

" All these powerful and important stepstaken by the Kingdom have resulted in excellent progress in fighting theepidemic, compared with advanced countries around the world.

"We are all responsible to invest allthese precautionary and preventive measures and keep the current graph oflosses going down through our commitment and adherence to these steps. So, ifwe falter or abandon our commitment to these steps, we may lose one of ouryouths, elder people, or one of our loved ones. This is our responsibility toprotect ourselves and our society," he said.

He called on everyone, who has symptoms orwould like to assess, to use the self-assessment service in MAWID electronicapplication, and inquire or consult the Health Center (937) around the clock.

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