‘Be a Star’ — WWE stars fight cyberbullying in Riyadh

‘Be a Star’ — WWE stars fight cyberbullying in Riyadh
'Be a Star' — WWE stars fight cyberbullying in Riyadh

In an initiative that reflects the keenness of the Riyadh Season 2021 to carry out its social mission along with organizing and hosting the most prominent global entertainment events, the officials responsible for the WWE Crown Jewel organized an awareness event to combat cyberbullying under the slogan "Be a Star".

The event in Riyadh aims to guide children to the appropriate ways to deal with negative responses on social networking sites, benefiting from the passion of this age group for WWE stars to deliver targeted messages to educate young people.

The stars participating in the event advised children to believe in their abilities, know their most prominent strengths and enhance their self-confidence.

They provided positive messages and directed the children to deal in the best way with negative responses on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social networking sites.

A large number of children and school students attended the event and interacted with their favorite WWE stars.

The kids expressed their happiness at attending the event and fulfilling a wish they had always dreamed of, which is to meet these stars and get to know them closely.

They also thanked the WWE stars for their help and advice in dealing with cyberbullying and positively responding to negative messages and responses on social media.

At the end of the "Be a Star" event, children and stars chanted together: "Don't be a bully…Be a star." The kids posed for photos with WWE stars and got their signed autographs, an experience that may not be repeated for these kids.

Answering journalists' questions following their participation in "Be a Star", the WWE stars expressed their happiness for being part of Riyadh Season and their pride in participating in its activities. This is the second time some of these stars are participating in Riyadh Season.

The stars said they were longing for the fans' reactions and enthusiasm in the Riyadh Season and confirmed their readiness for the evening's fights.

Drew McIntyre said he was " very excited about my visit to the Kingdom. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and was impressed by their enthusiasm for WWE and their deep knowledge of its news. The Saudi fans are eager to follow the championship, and this is why the (WWE) stars return every time, for the sake of this audience, and to satisfy their enthusiasm and passion."

McIntyre added, "What fascinates me the most about Saudi Arabia is the fans and their knowledge and passion for the championship. Since the first time I came to the Kingdom, I discovered that everyone knows everything about WWE, to the extent that some fans tell me details that I forgot about my career. This is what excites me the most and makes me love the Kingdom. It's great to see life gets back to normal, and that people can gather in one place and celebrate the thing we all love, which is WWE."

WWE star Natalya said that it is her second visit to the Kingdom and added: "This is a special event for me. It is a great honor to be in the Kingdom, and I am very lucky to be the first woman to compete in the WWE arenas in Saudi Arabia with Lacey in 2019 and to be able to open a door that had never been open before for women in WWE. It's a great honor to be able to do this in Saudi Arabia, and I'm so proud to be back."

Natalya spoke about her admiration for Saudi food and perfumes and said: "Not only were the fans of Riyadh and Saudi Arabia in general wonderful with us but what motivates me most to return to the Kingdom is the food… Saudi food is very delicious. I love hummus and the distinctive flavors of Saudi dishes. I love perfumes too; I love the excellent oud."

For his part, Saudi star Mansoor Al-Shehail said he was happy to participate in the WWE Crown Jewel event. "I am very pleased to be among those who I consider my family and my fans, and I hope to come to the Kingdom always to participate in such events," he said.

"You can't imagine how happy I am to be here; every time I come back, I'm so happy."

Al-Shehail added: "Riyadh Season is getting better. Every time I go back to Riyadh, where I grew up, I can tell the changes in it. When I see the Boulevard, megaprojects and special shows… Riyadh has changed a lot."

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