Bahrain expects Saudi-Bahrain Causeway to complete in seven years

Saudi-Bahrain Causeway construction to take seven years
Saudi-Bahrain Causeway construction to take seven years

Bahrain's Minister of Transport and Communications, Kamal binAhmed, expected the completion of the new bridge project parallel to the KingFahd Bridge with Saudi Arabia in the next 7 years, including 5 years for theconstruction of a 25-kilometer-long bridge and two years for consultancyaffairs, explaining that these estimates depend largely on the opinion ofexperts and technicians for this bridge.

The Minister said in an interview, on the sidelines of signing the consultancy contract for the new project, during the Saudi Investment Future Initiative (IFF2019) in Riyadh, that this project is a transition to "a new phase, and we are currently preparing, to prepare studies and structural specifications by experts and consultants. After that, the offering for developers to worth an estimated SAR11bn".

He added that this project "needs a lot of study and time to reviewthe tenders from global alliances, and we hope that this will be accomplishedin the next two years, after which the developer will be appointed to the KingHamad parallel bridge, and the Saudi-Bahrain linking railway, and this adds tothe great and historic relations between the two countries".

He said that the King Fahd Causeway, which currently exists betweenthe two countries, has an annual growing movement rate of 6%, "in the sensethat in the next 8 years, the bridge will have reached its full capacity".

He continued that the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway will be important tomaintain the level of service, enhance commercial services, ensure that theyare not affected, and accommodate the continued increase and growth, for thebenefit of companies in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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