Arab Parliament denounces Houthi drone attack targeting a school in Asir

A Houthi booby-trapped drone fell on a school in Asir, the General Directorate of Saudi Civil Defense reported on Sunday. (SPA)
A Houthi booby-trapped drone fell on a school in Asir, the General Directorate of Saudi Civil Defense reported on Sunday. (SPA)

The Arab Parliament condemned the terrorist Houthi militia launching of a drone on a school in Asir region; aiming at intimidating safe civilians and destroying civilian objects; in violation of all international norms and laws, it was reported Monday.

In a statement Sunday; the Arab Parliament also warned that the international community's failure to take deterrent stances against this Iran-backed terrorist militia would encourage the perpetrators to persist their terrorist acts; which constitute war crimes under international and humanitarian laws; calling on the international community to intervene immediately and decisively to stop these systematic violations, aiming to destabilize security and stability in the region.

The Arab Parliament also affirmed its full support for Saudi Arabia in all the measures it takes to confront the terrorist Houthi militia; and preserve its security and the safety of its citizens and expatriates on its lands; stressing that compromising the security of the Kingdom is a threat to Arab national security.

UAE condemns Houthi drone attack

In Abu Dhabi, the United Arab States also strongly condemned and denounced the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militias; targeting of a school in Asir, Saudi Arabia, with an explosive-laden drone.

In a statement released by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; the UAE reiterated that these recurrent systematic terror attacks by the Houthis reflect their blatant disregard for the international community and all international laws and norms.

The Ministry also urged the international community to take an immediate and decisive stance to stop these recurrent acts.

It also emphasized that the continued threat of these attacks in recent days is a grave escalation that represents new evidence of these militias' attempts to undermine security and stability in the region.

The UAE renewed its full solidarity with Saudi Arabia to take whatsoever arrangements to protect its territories and people as well as residents against such subversive terrorist attacks.

OIC blasts Houthi attempt to target a school in Asir

In Jeddah, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Dr. Yousef Bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen strongly condemned the terrorist Houthi militia's attempt targeting a School in Asir Region; Saudi Arabia with a bomb-laden drone.

The secretary general also stressed that the organization condemns the terrorist Houthi militia practices; as well as those who support and provide them with money and weapons, to target innocent civilians and civilian objects.

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