Arab Interior Ministers’ Council lauds MBS’s Saudi Green and Middle East Green Initiatives

Arab Interior Ministers’ Council lauds MBS’s Saudi Green and Middle East Green Initiatives

The General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers praised the "Saudi Green" and "Middle East Green" initiatives announced by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman; deputy prime minister and minister of defense; to support the environmental and food efforts existing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; during the previous years; in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

The Crown Prince's initiatives are set to continue the efforts and goals that it drew during its presidency of the G20 last year in line; with its vision of establishing a comprehensive integrated system for environmental; and food security as well as the achievements of the National Transformation Program in this field.

In a statement issued Saturday, the General Secretariat of the Council, which is based in Tunis, hailed these two initiatives being drawn up by Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and the Crown Prince to lead the next green era; in line with its comprehensive development vision; which does not aim only to achieve environmental; food, community and health security and raise the economic return.

Environment solution

Saudi Arabia also hopes to find solutions to many issues of environment and food, preserve natural resources and promote sustainable development within the framework of keenness; in order to achieve the national goals; for the desired progress and global targets, in order to restore the ecological balance; promote public health and quality of life, and make a lasting global impact.

The General Secretariat highly valued the efforts exerted by Saudi Arabia and the effective and sustainable initiatives it adopts on confronting the environmental and food challenges and combating the climate change and the expansion of the desertification and drought facing the Arab region and the world; as well as the dangers resulted from them on earth and mankind.

It also valued Saudi Arabia's tireless efforts in order to protect the nature; and unify the world's efforts in this field; in a way that achieves the common interests and benefits the countries and peoples of the region.

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