Arab Coalition Dismisses Iran FM’s ‘Defamatory’ Comments on Irlu’s Evacuation

Arab Coalition carries out 15 strikes against Iran-backed Houthi militia
Arab Coalition carries out 15 strikes against Iran-backed Houthi militia

The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition condemned on Tuesday the "defamatory" statements by Iran's Foreign Minister; Hossein Amirabdollahian; on the Coalition's humanitarian stance in regards to the evacuation of Hassan Irlu; an Iranian Revolutionary Guards member and Tehran's so-called ambassador to Sanaa who recently died from COVID-19.

In a statement; the Coalition said that under the directives of the leadership in Saudi Arabia; it had kicked off the facilitation of Irlu's evacuation for humanitarian considerations; and in recognition of the diplomatic mediation by Oman and Iraq less than 48 hours after receiving reports about his health.

These defamatory statements against the Kingdom "contradict humanitarian values and principles; and undermine the Coalition's noble and humane stance" in evacuating Irlu from Sanaa to Basra.

"These statements by Iranian officials are hardly surprising; and fall in line with the conduct of Iranian diplomacy that smuggled the aforementioned person into Yemen; who then began supporting chaos and fighting in Yemen;" continued the Coalition.

"The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition has facilitated and provided all necessary transit permits; as well as logistical support to the Iraqi Air Force (C-130) medevac aircraft;" it added.

"This is the second instance of the evacuation of an Iranian national who was associated with combat operations; following the evacuation of one of the crew of the Iranian military vessel; Saviz; in the Red Sea by the Royal Saudi Air Force;" it continued.

The national "was transported to receive medical attention for a long period of time at a Saudi hospital due to his deteriorating health. He was then medically evacuated to Muscat; following mediation by Oman so that he could be returned to Iran.

"Saudi Arabia and the Coalition will continue on their path of implementing the well-established humanitarian values and principles; despite the uncivilized; inhumane behavior of Iran;" vowed the statement.

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