Anyone near Trump or Pence will be given rapid coronavirus test

Trump regrets not raising tariffs on China higher, White House says
Trump regrets not raising tariffs on China higher, White House says

With the coronavirus contagion spreading,the White House said on Friday that anyone expected to be near PresidentDonald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence will be given a rapidCOVID-19 test.

The test is expected to be the same quick-action test that Trumptook on Thursday. He took the Abbott Laboratories test, which provides resultsin 15 minutes or less.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said, "starting todayanyone who is expected to be in close proximity to either of them will beadministered a COVID-19 test to evaluate for pre-symptomatic orasymptomatic carriers status to limit inadvertent transmission."

One of the vexing revelations about the virus is that infectedpeople can spread it without even knowing they have the illness or beforesymptoms have become evident.

Trump has now been tested twice for the coronavirus and bothtimes tested negative. Pence was also tested and was negative.

The White House has put social distancing measures into place,such as providing more space between seats at events. But there are limits tohow much distancing can be done given how relatively small office space is in theWest Wing.

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