AMAALA, SAFCSP sign MoU on emerging technologies on drones

AMAALA, SAFCSP sign MoU on emerging technologies on drones
AMAALA, SAFCSP sign MoU on emerging technologies on drones

AMAALA, the ultra-luxury development located along Saudi Arabia's northwestern coast; signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP).

The signing will pave the way for the adoption of innovative and emerging technologies within the fields of drones; programming; and artificial Intelligence at AMAALA. Besides, marking a significant step in the development of electronic services software, and the enhancement of cybersecurity knowledge.

Held virtually, the signing ceremony also conducted by AMAALA's CEO John Pagano and CEO of SAFCSP, Muteb Alqany.

Commenting on the signing, Pagano, said, "AMAALA is steadfast in its commitment to developing an ultra-luxury destination for the discerning traveler.

"The adoption of technology is integral to realizing the ambitions of AMAALA, the embodiment of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030; which boldly captures the aspirations of its people by unlocking new; and significant opportunities in key fields including technology as well as innovation.

"Today marks the start of an important collaboration between AMAALA and SAFCSP; one that reaffirms our commitment to identify and adopt ground-breaking technologies; from AI to the Internet of Things technology, to ensure AMAALA is also ready for the future."

Alqany also said, "MoUs come within the vision of the Federation and its continuous efforts in building and empowering national capabilities in various technical fields.

"In a partnership with major government and private sectors to bring the Kingdom to the ranks of advanced countries in the manufacture of modern technical knowledge."

In addition to cooperative training opportunities through conferences and forums; the MoU will form the basis of continued growth through scientific research and studies that will elevate national and professional capabilities in the fields of cyber security and programming, in line with the established and internationally recognized practices and standards.

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