Al-Swaha: KSA ranks 7th globally in Internet speed and 5G coverage

Al-Swaha: KSA ranks 7th globally in Internet speed and 5G coverage

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Swaha said that Saudi Arabia has ranked seventh in the world; in the quality and speed of Internet and the quality of the coverage of the fifth generation. Addressing the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference here on Thursday; the minister said that the Kingdom has succeeded, during pandemic, in responding to digital challenges; especially in the early days when the Cabinet decided to impose a total lockdown.

Al-Swaha noted that the Kingdom has the largest information technology investments in the Middle East region; through the partnership of Aramco and Google, saying: "Flexibility; the implementation and speed have returned today with the largest technical investments in the Middle East and North Africa region; with more than SR1 billion between Saudi Aramco and Google".

According to Al-Swaha, the Kingdom pumped billions into digital investments before and during the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in widening the scope of Internet coverage; expanding the coverage of 4G and 5G networks to advanced levels; as well as in creating opportunities for companies and Saudi youth in various fields of digitization.

On "THE LINE" project in NEOM, the minister said that it would exceed 150 years of the Industrial Revolution as for individuals, stressing that this special model for renewable energy without emissions is 100 percent; in addition to innovations; in the field of gas and oil through the use of data to improve the quality and reduce costs.

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