Ajel launches its English and Persian editions

Ajel launches its English and Persian editions

Saudi Arabia news portal "Ajel" launched new two editions with English and Persian languages on Tuesday to offer the people who speak with those languages a direct window of knowledge on the ongoing events and truth related to the Saudi Arabia kingdom alongside the international and regional cases.

Ajel also offer through its new two editions a comprehensive media services adheres to professional criteria and cover all fields, making use of its old experience in the media field as well as its advanced place among the websites.

Ajel succeeded to make an efficient role in the online media, since its establishment in 2007 among the first wave of the Saudi Arabian online newspapers that managed it to secure advanced place among the online newspapers in the kingdom.

Moreover "Ajel" became one of the most followed online newspapers in the Gulf area.

"Launching the English edition of Ajel will meet the demands of non-Arabic speakers to discover the kingdom in the right way alongside their desire to know the kingdom's situation from the different cases and events instead of depending on the media that suffer from lack of information," Ajel's editor in chief Sultan Almalki said ahead of launching the new editions.

"The Persian language edition will be a gate for the people who speaks this important language to be aware of the truth and information they didn't receive due to several reasons,".

"The primary investigations showed how the importance of launching such edition as well as the bright future of it among the online newspapers," Almalki added.

"Preparing to launch the English and Persian editions took 6 months as online publishing company (Egaz), who is Ajel's publisher, provided all the editorial and technical possibilities to take this important step of launching the two editions." The Ajel's editor in chief concluded.

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