Addayer’s terraces turned into green after continued rainfalls

Addayer’s terraces
Addayer’s terraces

The continued rainfalls turned the Addayer's terraces into a luscious oasis. Addayer is located about 130 kilometers east of Jazan and has a total space of about 1000 square kilometers. It attracts many tourists and photographers throughout the year.

Addayer's terraces

The mountains of Bani Malik, in the province of Addayer, turned into a green oasis after the continuous rainfalls on the Addayer's terraces recently, or as it is called "The Pearl of the South".

Addayer's mountains hug the clouds

The photographer Mater bin Hussein Al-Alili Al-Maliki, documented by his camera, the agricultural terraces and mountain views in green, so the tops of the mountains appeared as if they hug the clouds, through creative images Al-Maliki was keen to capture distinctively.

Addayer's terraces

Addayer is a tourist destination located in thefar east of the Jazan region, and is characterized by its high location makingit embraces the highest seven mountain peaks in the region.

Addayer is considered the region's coffeeincubator. It's noteworthy that Addayer contains the largest gathering of stoneforts in the world.

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