5.6m illegal expatriates arrested; 1.5m deported since Nov. 2017

5.6m illegal expatriates arrested; 1.5m deported since Nov. 2017
Saudi Arabia Extends Validity of Expat Residency Permits to Nov. 30

Over 5.6 million violators of residency laws; labor regulation and border security system have been since November 2017; of whom 1;553;667 went to their respective countries; a Ministry of Interior report also released on Saturday said.

About 19 ministries and government departments; also including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) and the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat); are also part of the campaign to get rid of illegal foreigners throughout the Kingdom.

The report said a total of 5;615;884 violators were also in all regions of the Kingdom.

Of these; 4;304;206 expatriates were in violation of the residency regulation and 802;125 were also in violation of labor laws. Violators of the border security system were 509;553.

The campaign said some 116;908 people were also while attempting to infiltrate into the Kingdom through its southern borders. They consisted of 54 percent Ethiopians; 43 percent Yemenis and also three percent people of various other nationalities.

It said some 9;508 people got catch while attempting to leave the Kingdom illegally.

The campaign said 8;222 people; including 2;766 Saudis; were accused of providing accommodation and further transport to a number of illegal expatriates. Some 2;761 Saudis were also investigated; punished and released while 5 are still being probed.

The report said 53;916 expatriates; consisting of 49;954 men and 3;962 women are also currently in detention centers. Summary penalties went to 714;208 violators.

The campaign said 901;700 violators were to their pertinent embassies and consulates to issue them travel documents while 1;047;340 were completing their bookings for outbound journeys. Meanwhile; some 1;553;667 violators were deported.

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