‘News of Saudi forces withdrawing from Coalition is baseless’

Coalition forces would continue supporting Yemeni army, asserts Al-Maliki

 “The news circulating with regard to the withdrawal of Saudi forces from the Coalition forces in Yemen is baseless and unfounded, said the official spokesperson of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen on Wednesday.

While reiterating this fact, the spokesperson said, “Movement and redeployment of troops based on operational and tactical assessment is an outstanding standard of operations in all military forces across the world.

“These movements are in line with the Coalition’s strategy in the area of operations, and fall under flexibility and harmonization of military plans, in a manner that conforms with the Coalition’s strategy to support Yemeni legitimacy forces.

“The Coalition reaffirms its unwavering stance with the brotherly people of Yemen, and support to the National Yemeni Army to restore the State, and reach a comprehensive, sustainable political resolution that achieves security and stability.”