New Saudi Ministry of Human Resources

New Saudi Ministry of Human Resources - One house for all Saudi employees

A Royal Decree by King Salman bin Abdulaziz on Tuesday ordered the merging of the ministry of Civil Service with the Labor and Social Development Ministry, under the name of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The move is part of Saudi Arabia’s accelerated steps to achieve its Vision 2030. It helps to enhance economic capabilities in all fields, including employment and labor.

Dr. Luai Al-Tayyar, expert in economic affairs, said that this decision would reflect positively on the national economy in general.

He noted that the move could pave the way for unifying the public and private labor systems in the future; an important achievement that would strengthen the economy and raise its productive capacity.

Al-Tayyar stressed that merging the two ministries would increase job opportunities. It would also help develop the human resources system and unify procedures regulating the labor sector.

The decision will also push for the gradual privatization of the public sector departments and state companies and will standardize all retirement and insurance procedures and systems, he said.

Al-Tayyar noted that Saudi Arabia was witnessing a great transformation and development project, specifically at the economic level.

“Many sectors have now become more engaged in the national transformation and contribute in one way or another to the State’s general budget,” he underlined. “This is a healthy indicator of the economy and the ability to move forward in achieving the Kingdom’s economic goals.”