New Saudi 90-day hosting visa soon for SAR500

New Saudi 90-day hosting visa soon for SAR500

The Directorate General of Immigrations and Passports and the Saudi Ministry of Hajj are considering a way to introduce a hosting visa service through the Absher system, which allows citizens and residents to host their personal sponsorship for up to 90 days, and will be available in the coming days.

The two authorities work to approve the mechanism of work on the new visa, which is one of the modern services that the Ministry of Interior is working on its inclusion via the Directorate General of Passports and Immigration.

The host visa allows freedom of movement and accommodation for through the incoming person, whether in a hotel, apartments, or in the host’s residence.

The initial version of the visa indicates that the cost per year is SAR500 per person with the possibility of repeating the invitation 3 times a year, through the application of Absher, where one can record all data and information to host people from different countries.

The visa to enable traveling around the Kingdom freely and attending tourist events, while it is expected to facilitate the host to host 3 to 5 Umrah pilgrims, issuing them visas for citizens on the civil register and resident on the residence, and will be for the resident’s relatives of the first degree, and allow the citizen to host whoever he wants, took care and serve him until leaving Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has recently made available the tourist visa service, which costs SAR440 ($118), and is issued through the electronic platform, or on arrival and is valid for one year from the date of issuance, and granted to those who reached the age of 18 years, granting a period of stay of 90 days per year.