NEOM invites applications for scholarships

NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s vast “smart city” project, on Wednesday announced the details about the registration for the third batch of its scholarship program.

Eligible applicants should be high school graduates or those awaiting results. Their graduation date should not exceed 6 months at the time of application.

Applicants can register at the website
Once registered eligible students will receive a schedule for a written entrance exam to assess their proficiency in the English language, mathematics, IQ test, and personality assessment.

Additionally tests will be held from Nov. 20 to 28 in Tabuk, Al-Bada, and Duba governorates. Interviews for final selection to the program will start throughout December.

The preparatory year program, organized by Tabuk’s Fahd Bin Sultan University, will begin in September 2021. Before that successful students will have to undergo different programs to get their orientations and specializations assessed.

In general the program offers career paths as part of the NEOM megaproject and its operating companies.