Namira Mosque is ready to receive pilgrims

 The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance has inspected the holy sites’ facilities; in order to ensure their readiness to receive the pilgrims. Among these facilities is Namira Mosque; which witnessed several development projects that aim at serving the pilgrims.

In addition the Ministry said that air conditioning; and purification systems allow to pump 1,000,350 cubic feet of water per minute; via centrifugal fans (70%) and entrances (30%). As many as 60 central air-conditioning units targets producing 100% fresh air.

Namira Mosque’s roof was completely isolated, 1,000 toilet rooms for men and women were renovated, toilet facilities for people with disabilities were established.

The Ministry said that Namira Mosque had more than 110,000 square meters of luxury carpets; and with sterilizers and hygiene tools.

The Ministry also said that precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus and preserve the safety and health of the pilgrims have been implemented in Namira Mosque.