MWL commends UN draft resolution on promoting culture of peace, tolerance

MWL commends UN draft resolution on promoting culture of peace, tolerance

MWL (The Muslim World League) welcomed the pioneering international project promoting a culture of peace and tolerance.

A number of Arab and Islamic and other key counties; in which Saudi Arabia was at the forefront proposed the global project.

The United Nations General Assembly supported and approved Arab, Islamic countries’ draft resolution; which unanimously adopted it to promote a culture of peace and tolerance to protect religious sites.

MWL also affirmed in a statement issued by its Secretary-General and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa its permanent stance in condemning all forms of extremism; violence; and terrorism targeting religious and other sites; with its complete rejection and continuous confrontation of hate speech and racism with all its pretexts.

The statement also added that the MWL stands in support of the culture of peace and harmony and dialogue as well as tolerance; describing the civilized communication with its “effective” dialogues and initiatives; as the most important pillar in consolidating awareness to overcome the threats of clash and the religious, cultural and ethnic conflict.

The MWL also reaffirmed its declared stance regarding all international efforts calling for spreading and strengthening the culture of peace and tolerance among followers of religions and cultures.

MWL secretary-general also indicated that more than 1,200 muftis and scholars from among the scholars of the Islamic nation; and more than 4,500 Islamic thinkers unanimously agreed on the contents of that international vision in their historical document; Makkah Al-Mukarramah document; prepared at the international conference organized by the MWLunder the auspices of King Salman.