Mohammad Bin Salman Center for Future Science and Technology to be established in Tokyo University

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the University of Tokyo and the Initiatives Center at Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “MiSK Foundation” was signed in Tokyo today to establish Mohammed bin Salman Center for Future Science and Technology.

The MoU was signed in the presence of President of the University of Tokyo Dr. Makoto Gonokami; Chairman of the Board of Directors of MiSK Initiatives Center Badr Al-Asaker; and Saudi Ambassador to Japan Naif Al-Fhadi.

Al-Asaker said that this MoU is an extension of the existing partnership between MiSK Foundation and the University of Tokyo, which is to train about 60 Saudi male and female youths at the University of Tokyo in the fields of renewable and nuclear energy in cooperation with experts from the industrial and research sector in Japan, in addition to field visits to factories and research centers.

For his part, President of the University of Tokyo said that establishing the Center is a wonderful opportunity to enhance and deepen cooperation between us, and that the Saudi universities and the University of Tokyo share constructive relations at the educational and research levels. He added that we will proceed in developing our partnerships to achieve the Saudi-Japanese vision 2030.