MoE: Restrictions for students’ mobile phone use in schools

Ibtisam Al-Shehri; spokesperson of the Ministry of Education; emphasized that boy and girl students shall allow the mobile phones in schools only under certain conditions and regulations.

Speaking to Al-Ekhbariya channel on Saturday; Al-Shehri said that the Tawakkalna application must appear when male and female students enter the school premises and this will also be via mobile phone in order to facilitate the process of checking the health status of students whether they fully got vaccination against coronavirus or not.

“The use of mobile phone in the school will be permissible according to certain conditions and regulations. Necessary instructions have already been issued for students and their guardians with regard to the use of mobile phones in schools in a way ensuring a safe and healthy school environment;” she said.

Al-Shehri said that there are committees that manages the educational process inside schools. “They will certainly be framing regulations with regard to the entry and exit of students; as well as their use of mobile phones;” she added.

It is noteworthy that more than six million fully vaccinated male and female students in the intermediate and secondary phases of public school education as well as students of universities and technical educations started their new offline academic year on Sunday after a hiatus of one and a half years since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.