Mobile lab in Madinah cuts time for results to 12 hours

 The Emir of Madinah Region Prince Faisal Bin Salman launched the works of the mobile laboratory set up by the Ministry of Health. At full capacity, the laboratory can analyze 10,000 samples daily. The results take 12 hours to appear at present.

Earlier, the lab used to analyze 2,500 samples daily and the results used to appear within a period ranging from 24 to 36 hours. The laboratory carries out medical analyses for COVID-19 virus at a very high speed and precision.

The lab functions via a computerized system and has an electronic link-up with all the hospitals and health centers in the region.

The Emir of Madinah was briefed on the various sections of the laboratory. The main sections of the laboratory include those for the medical, technical and administrative staff. The lab has 84 medical laboratory staff.

Dr. Muhammad Khalawi, director general of health affairs in Madinah, said that the mobile laboratory will contribute to conducting precise and speedy analyses for the population of the region, such that the aspired goals are achieved.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest medical and technological machinery and equipment.