Misk Academy Launches Program to Develop Saudis’ Leadership Skills

Misk Academy Launches Program to Develop Leadership Skills

Misk Academy; affiliated with the Mohammed bin Salman Charity Organization (MiSK Charity), signed an agreement with General Electric (GE). This is in the domain of leadership skills development among high Saudi officials.

The initiative aims to benefit from the expertise of one of the leading leadership academies in the world. This is to support and improve the skills of Saudi leaders. Besides, developing authentic ways of working, thinking, and behaving that would improve the performance of civil and government institutions to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.

Omar Najjar; CEO of MiSK, and Hisham Albahkali; CEO of GE in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain recently signed the agreement.

This is one of the first steps in the collaboration; with Misk Academy and GE launching the Accelerated Leadership Program for a group of major Saudi leaders who have high capabilities in both the public and private sectors for them to benefit from the program that will be held virtually in the GE Leadership Academy in Crotonville, New York.

The initiative was inaugurated by a virtual session of a chosen group of Saudi leaders in joint coordination between the Academy and GE.

In its academy in Crotonville; GE sheds light on the most modern leadership styles, instills its ideal behaviors. Besides, sharing ideas with the most influential intellectuals in academia and business. It also organizes transformative educational experiences to inspire the leaders of today. In addition to preparing the leaders of tomorrow to plan additional programs in coordination between the two.

An action-oriented leadership style

Omar Najjar said that, “We are happy to collaborate with GE in the domain of leadership development; considering that one of the distinguishing features of our leadership programs is to enable participants to develop an action-oriented leadership style. This is appropriate to the volume and nature of Saudi’s goals as well as its particular challenges. We are certain that working closely with GE experts in Crotonville will enable participants to implement what they have learned in this transformative experience on the ground as well as in their work”.

In that regard, Hisham Albahkali emphasized the importance of the collaboration with Misk Academy. Besides, supporting the work that they do to enable Saudis to contribute to the aims of Saudi Vision 2030. “We are pleased to welcome talented Saudi leaders in the future in Crotonville. We also look forward to not only training programs but also to learn from them in a collaborative environment,” Albahkali said.

MiSK Academy is working on developing a set of programs to develop and mold the skills of leaders; in both the civil and government sectors. It also offers several programs that provide citizens with future skills to enter the job market.