Ministry trains 5,000 registrars to officiate online marriages

The Ministry of Justice is training 5,000 marriage registrars to officiate marriages online, in preparation to launch the online marriage service across the Kingdom after the success of the trial period in the capital Riyadh.

The training will include educating registrars on how to officiate marriages online through an electronic device which eliminates the need of carrying paper documents and offers the service to couples without the need to go to courts, a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report said on Wednesday.

The digital marriage contract documents all the information electronically and automates the marriage procedures. The Ministry of Justice had launched the service in Riyadh in a trial period, allowing 300 registrars to certify 2,000 marriage licenses.

Out of those 2,000, 542 online marriage contracts were certified in Riyadh since the Kingdom suspended on March 16 the attendance of employees at their workplaces in all government agencies.

The service can be accessed through the ministry’s “Najiz” portal (