Ministry of Health outlines coronavirus measures for home quarantine

Ministry of Health outlines coronavirus measures for home quarantine

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health on Friday outlined the measures to be followed by coronavirus infected people during their home quarantine.

The ministry posted a video on its Twitter account as well as on its awareness platform; calling on people to live safely and remain calm for psychological stability. As it is important for reinforcing the immune system during the house quarantine.

The ministry called for using private appliances and washing them with water; giving priority to using plastic-made items, as much as possible, in addition to having rooms with good ventilation.

Putting on the cloth mask is another necessity before handling any item, inside the house; especially when receiving them from the others, such as online delivery orders.

Even those, inside the house, should use put their own face masks. While dealing with the isolated individuals in the house, as well as should keep a physical distance of two meters.

The ministry also urged those who show symptoms of coronavirus or wish to undergo a test to use the options available for patients; including the Mawid app, or visit one of the newly launched Tataman fever clinics; call 937 or message the number 9200058937 via WhatsApp for information about the disease.