Ministry of Energy Condemns the Terrorist Drone Attack on the Riyadh Refinery

Official spokesman of the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy stated on Friday that at 06:05 AM the Riyadh oil refinery was attacked by drones, resulting in a fire that has been brought under control.

The attack did not result in any injury or death nor was the supply of oil or its derivatives affected.

In his statement, the spokesman stressed that the Kingdom strongly condemns this cowardly attack. The Kingdom asserts that such acts of terrorism and sabotage, repeatedly committed against vital installations and civilian facilities – the last of which was the attempt to target the Ras Tanura refinery and Saudi Aramco’s residential area in Dhahran – do not target the Kingdom alone, but more broadly the security and stability of energy supply to the world, as well as the global economy.

The spokesman renewed the call to all nations and organizations of the world to stand together against such acts of terrorism and sabotage, and to stop all groups carrying out or supporting these attacks.