Microsoft detects Iran-linked cyberattacks targeting Munich conference, Saudi summit

Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday that it detected and attempted to stop a series of cyberattacks from Phosphorus, which the company described as an “Iranian actor,” with the attacks aimed to target over 100 high-profile individuals.

“Phosphorus, an Iranian actor, has targeted with this scheme potential attendees of the upcoming Munich Security Conference and the Think 20 (T20) Summit in Saudi Arabia”, Microsoft said in a blog, adding it believed Phosphorus is engaging in these attacks for intelligence collection purposes.

“The attackers have been sending possible attendees spoofed invitations by email. Former government officials, policy experts, academics and leaders from non-governmental organizations received near-perfect English.

Phosphorus helped assuage fears of travel during the Covid-19 pandemic by offering remote sessions,” Microsoft added in its statement.

In detail Microsoft added that it does not believe that Phosphorus or its recent activity; has any ties with the US elections in any way.