Manchester City, champion of English Premier League for second in row

Manchester City’s players celebrate retaining the title of English Premier League

Manchester City retained the English Premier League title after a fierce competition with Liverpool until the last 38th stage of the season, beating Brighton 4-1.

With the results of the 38th stage, the one-point difference remained unchanged between City led by Spanish coach Josep Guardiola and Liverpool led by German Jürgen Klopp, ending the season with 98 points for the first versus 97 points for the later over Wolverhampton 2-0 at the end of a league with one of the strongest competitions in history of the English Premier League.

Man City has been crowned for the second time in a row, to become the first team to retain the title since his rival Manchester United kept it in 2008 and 2009, and for the fourth time in the last eight seasons, while Liverpool will need to wait again for the title they have been looking for since the cup was last raised in 1990.

Chelsea and Tottenham were ranked third and fourth respectively with two tickets to UEFA Champions League, while Arsenal was ranked fifth that will have the chance to participate in the Champions League in the event it wins the Europa League.

The match between Man City and Brighton began with a sudden and unexpected scenario, in which the host advanced, before the Northern team reacted strongly and scored four goals.

With a solid defense, Brighton was able to control the offensive power of City, which initially depended on Sergio Aguero, Algeria’s Riyad Mahrez, Raheem Sterling, and Bernardo Silva, while Belgian Kevin de Bruen and German Leroy Sanih remained on the bench.

In the 27th minute, when Glenn Murray headed a corner with a powerful shot, scoring a goal for his team in a shock to the fans, at the American Express Community Stadium, who was watching through their phones, Liverpool advancing against Wolverhampton.

In the second half, City dominated and did not leave a chance to Brighton, scoring two great goals, the first through Mehrez, who deflected the defense of Brighton and shot the ball with a strong right foot penetrated the left corner of the goalkeeper Ryan (63), and the second through Elkay Gundogan by a free kick.