Malls warned to abide by capacity of shoppers or face closure



Malls must abide by their capacity by not allowing in shoppers beyond the malls’ capability.

Negligent malls, in this regard, will take to task and even face closure; the Ministry of Commerce Spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Hussein, warned.

Defaulting malls will also face closure and implementation of the statutory penalties against them, Al-Hussein stressed.

In a Tweet on his official Twitter account, Al-Hussein said: “During the past few days; congestion was noticed in some malls.

“In this regard, the ministry stresses the need to take into account the mall’s capacity; and prevent the entry of any excess number of shoppers.

“The Ministry of Commerce monitoring and also supervision teams will impose the penalties immediately and close down the non-compliant malls.”

He also called upon shoppers to avoid entering crowded facilities so as to protect their health.