Lifting Travel Restrictions from, to Saudi Arabia after Jan. 1

Lifting Travel Restrictions from, to Saudi Arabia after Jan. 1

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced Sunday that the Kingdom will lift all coronavirus-linked travel restrictions on air, land and sea transport for citizens after Jan. 1, 2021.

The specific date for the lifting of restrictions will be given 30 days before the end of the year and the Health Ministry may stipulate preventative measures, the state news agency SPA quoted an official source at the Interior Ministry as saying.

Saudi Arabia will also partially lift its suspension of international flights as of Sept. 15 to allow “exceptional categories” of citizens and residents to travel, said the source.

Such categories include public and military sector employees, diplomats and their families; those working for public or non-profit private sector jobs abroad; businessmen; patients who need treatment abroad, those studying abroad as well as people with humanitarian cases, and sports teams.

GCC citizens and non-Saudi residents with valid residency; or visitor visas will have the ability to enter the Kingdom as of Sept. 15 conditional on proving they are COVID-19 negative.

There will also be a gradual move toward lifting the Umrah pilgrimage suspension.