Wonder Garden Activities Offer Unforgettable Experiences to Visitors

Wonder Garden Activities Offer Unforgettable Experiences to Visitors

Visitors to Wonder Garden, Riyadh Season's newest zone, are enjoying various fun activities that offer them an immersive journey of exploration.

Every day, visually captivating roaming acts inspired by the sub-zones of the garden, such as the tree and butterfly zones, engage visitors in activities that delight them and create unique and memorable experiences for them.

The 40-meter-high "The Flyer" offers them a chance to see the Wonder Garden from a bird’s-eye perspective, adding a new dimension of excitement and joy to the whole experience.

Located in the Bloom zone, The Flyer appeals to both young and old visitors.

The Wonder Garden receives visitors during the week from 4:00 pm until 12:00 am and at weekends until 1:00 am. It offers over 70 games and experiences through game arcades, shops, restaurants, and an enchanting theme inspired by trees, flowers, butterflies, various artworks and graphics, and many other entertaining activities.

Tickets for the zone are available at http://onelink.to/wbkapp.

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