Taif Roses Perfume Ramadan Iftar Tables

Taif Roses Perfume Ramadan Iftar Tables

For many residents of the Taif Governorate, in western Saudi Arabia, breaking the Ramadan fast is not just about food; it is also an immersive experience, made even more so by the scent of roses the region is famous about.

Nestled in the fertile valleys beneath Al-Hada Mountains, large swathes of Taif are covered in roses, and during Ramadan, these fragrant fields become a popular destination for families seeking an even more enjoyable way to break their fast.

The timing could not be better. The first blooms of the season began to awaken just as Ramadan started this year, enveloping the valleys in their sweet scent. This fragrant spectacle continues for 42 to 50 days, reaching its peak in early summer.

Farmers diligently harvest the roses from dawn until midday, ensuring a steady supply for the local population.

In recent years, the rose farms have become a natural extension of Ramadan festivities. Families escape the confines of their homes and gather amidst the fragrant rose bushes, enjoying the cool mountain breeze and breathtaking scenery.

To the people of Taif, these roses are not just beautiful flowers; they are a symbol of the region's rich cultural heritage.

Local farmers have perfected the art of cultivating roses for generations, and these beautiful flowers’ sweet fragrance has become synonymous with some of the world's most famous perfumes.

Rose farming not only holds economic significance, it also serves as testament to the ingenuity and agricultural expertise of the Taif people.

A Saudi News Agency reporter witnessed the growing trend of families venturing out to the rose farms during Ramadan. Many decorate their picnic tables with lanterns and fresh roses, creating a magical ambiance. Some even incorporate rose water into their iftar drinks, which adds a unique and refreshing touch.

Beyond the delicious food and breathtaking surroundings, the rose farms offer a welcome escape from routine.

Farmer Khalaf Al-Nimri, a dedicated rose grower, shared his observations with SPA. He said he had noted a surge in visitors of various nationalities, particularly during Ramadan nights. Families extend their iftar celebrations within the farms, transforming the fragrant landscape into a vibrant social hub.

"Breakfast outside the home has an indescribable feeling, especially when shared with loved ones amidst the beauty of the Taif roses," Al-Nimri said.