Several Ambassadors to Saudi Arabia Attend the Klija Festival in Buraidah

Several Ambassadors to Saudi Arabia Attend the Klija Festival in Buraidah

Several ambassadors to Saudi Arabia and their families visited the Klija Festival 2024 in Buraidah, and were informed about the various products offered by local producers and companies specialized in producing klija (date-molasses-filled cookies) and other Saudi traditional dishes.

It was an opportunity for them to learn about the significance of klija as a cultural heritage for the region's citizens, and to attend some of the numerous events that take place at the King Khalid Cultural Center.

Ambassador of Ghana to Saudi Arabia Mohammad Habibu Tijani highlighted the exceptional experience lived at the festival, which presents a range of economic activities, and expressed his admiration for the organizers and the local producers whose efforts help promote the region's cuisine and handicrafts.

Ambassador of the Republic of Finland to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Anu-Eerika Viljanen said that it was "a wonderful and memorable visit to the 15th edition of the traditional Klija Festival, which is full of a rich heritage", and praised the efforts of families working in the cottage industry to present the traditional dessert “in a unique way”.

Algerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sharif Walid also lauded the efforts to shed light on a popular product that is a historical legacy to the region, and said klija industry contributes to attaining many ”professional and practical goals that guarantee the continuity of work for families working in the cottage industry”.

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