Saudi Film Commission Participates in 79th Venice Film Festival

Saudi Film Commission Participates in 79th Venice Film Festival

The Saudi Film Commission will participate in the 79th edition of the Annaual Venice Film Festival, which will take place from 31 August till 10 September. The annual festival, which attracts a large audience turnout, includes a diverse collection of activities including cenimatic shows and discussion sessions.

The Film Commission, through participating in this global gathering, aims to consolidate its presence in international forums, intensify its relations with filmmakers in the world through dialogue sessions and bilateral meetings, and promote the incentives program implemented by the Commission to attract and encourage international film productions to film in the Kingdom, where the Commission will present workshops at the festival to showcase the benefits of the program to international filmmakers and film producers.

During its participation, the Commission will highlight the film industry in the Kingdom and the successful experiences, and its support for Saudi talents by strengthening its presence in major film platforms and finding opportunities for development and growth for them through effective international partnerships.

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