Saudi Arabia Launches New Platform to Promote Saudi Culture Globally, Locally

Saudi Arabia Launches New Platform to Promote Saudi Culture Globally, Locally

The Saudi Ministry of Culture launched yesterday the "Cultural Hub" online platform, which will facilitate easy access for both local and international audiences to a comprehensive database of Saudi cultural heritage, infrastructure, institutions, artefacts, and achievements.

 The platform covers cultural assets across various cultural sectors, and it engages the community in documenting and contributing relevant information through the website:

 The platform showcases images of cultural assets, along with their descriptions and locations. It allows viewers to explore historical and cultural sites through an interactive map, and browse as well as search a comprehensive cultural registry that includes theatres, libraries, and museums.

 Additionally, users can explore collections of cultural artefacts, manuscript collections, rock art, inscriptions, and other digitally stored cultural assets.

 Furthermore, individuals have the opportunity to share their cultural assets with the cultural community through the platform.

 The "Cultural Hub" platform is part of the ministry's initiative to consolidate Saudi cultural resources within a single platform.

 The platform is one of the products offered by the Ministry of Culture to support the project of advancing the cultural sector.

 It aims to enhance its vitality and activity in both the cognitive and societal dimensions, all in alignment with the goals of the National Strategy for Culture.

 These objectives include fostering culture as a way of life for the society, increasing its contribution to the national economic output, and raising its influence in elevating the Kingdom's international status.