New scientific Saudi horizon by exploring camel’s genome

New scientific Saudi horizon by exploring camel's genome
New scientific Saudi horizon by exploring camel's genome

Saudi Arabia successfully managed to lay the ground for a new scientific horizon for more world-class research. This is by exploring the camel's genome through the International Camel Organization (ICO).

The fruits of such a move are to appear, within the upcoming few years; with regard to camel-related researches. Especially, in the domain of its genome, administered by the International Center for Camel Research and Studies.

Camel's genome volume is about 2.38 gigabyte; containing over 20,000 genes, as some specialized scientific studies indicate that the unusual genetic composition of the camel, is the main reason behind its survival and endurance to live under such severely cruel environmental circumstances.

Its genome comprises a lot of unique differences that are verified in order to use them in treating various disorders; as selecting a host of the camel natural products to be tested and prescribed as an auxiliary remedy to put the evolution of as much more as possible of diseases, under control.

What is impressive is the use of the camel of unique immune and molecular mechanisms (organisms) of their kind against factors causing diseases and sickening conditions.

Saudi Arabia is also aiming through the establishment of the International Center for Camel Research and Studies, to develop and disseminate pertinent scientific studies and researches, produce experts in the domain and document their findings. In addition to setting up plans, programs, and strategies that would consolidate a scientific-cum-practical methodology. Besides, building an e-database for all aspects relating to the camel.

The ultimate objective is to revamp the camel sector and guarantee sustainable development for its breeders; keeping all related documents, preserve the records and conduct research and studies. This is in accordance with the rules, instructions, and strategies, accredited by the center.

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