National Center for Wildlife Releases 132 Animal Species into NEOM Nature Reserve

National Center for Wildlife Releases 132 Animal Species into NEOM Nature Reserve

The National Center for Wildlife, in collaboration with NEOM, has released a total of 132 species into the NEOM Nature Reserve. This initiative aims to rehabilitate and ensure the adaptation of these species to their new environment before releasing them into the wild.

The released species consist of 80 Arabian sand gazelles, 12 mountain gazelles, 12 ibexes, and 28 Arabian Oryx.

National Center for Wildlife CEO Dr Mohammed Qurban said that the release is part of the centre's comprehensive program aimed at preserving and relocating endangered species native to the region. He added that the program focuses on rehabilitating ecosystems and enhancing biodiversity throughout the Kingdom.

Qurban emphasized that this program aligns with the Saudi Green Initiative and the national strategy for environmental conservation, contributing to the fulfilment of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 objectives.
Since its establishment, the National Center for Wildlife has executed comprehensive strategies to safeguard wildlife, conserve biodiversity, restore ecosystems, and promote sustainability.

As the designated national authority overseeing wildlife conservation and development, the center undertakes the vital task of reintroducing endangered species to their native habitats.

It employs advanced techniques for monitoring and surveying biodiversity within protected areas, including tracking wildlife populations, documenting reserve-specific information, collecting data, and comprehending the potential challenges and risks confronted by wildlife.

Covering an area of 25,000 square kilometres, the NEOM Nature Reserve is dedicated to establishing a balanced ecosystem and fostering biodiversity through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in conjunction with research institutions.

This concerted effort aims to tackle the pressing challenges endangering our planet, including the alarming decline in biodiversity and the looming threat of species extinction. By doing so, the NEOM Nature Reserve contributes to the safeguarding and preservation of natural environments.

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