Klija Festival Generates SAR10 Million in First 10 Days

Klija Festival Generates SAR10 Million in First 10 Days

The Klija Festival, in Buraidah, which started on February 8, averaged 20,000 visitors per day. The average sales at the event reached SAR1 million per day, which means SAR10 million were generated in the first 10 days of the festival.

According to festival Executive Director Nayef Al-Munsaleh, families working in the cottage industry, and companies specialized in making klija (date-molasses-filled cookies) and local dishes take part in the event, which is attended by thousands of local and regional visitors, particularly from the Gulf countries.

The festival, Al-Munsaleh said, promotes sustainable marketing and several professions, helping families who work in the cottage industry develop their craftsmanship.

The festival is held at King Khalid Cultural Center in Buraidah until February 27.

Launched in 2009, the Klija Festival is an annual opportunity to delve into the rich history and vibrant culture of the region.

The Culinary Arts Commission participates in the festival as a strategic partner with the objective of highlighting the exquisite Saudi culinary arts and celebrating klija as an integral part of the National and Regional Dishes Narratives Initiative, which aims to highlight representative dishes of all 13 regions of the Kingdom, document their recipes, and invest in their symbolic value.

Klija, renowned for its delectable flavors and cultural significance, has been chosen as the representative dish of Qassim Region.