From Family Farm to Tourist Oasis: Young Saudi Farmer Transforms His Land

From Family Farm to Tourist Oasis: Young Saudi Farmer Transforms His Land

Nestled in the northwestern Al-Baha Region lies Al-Barouki Farm, a testament to the passion and dedication of its young owner, Ahmed Al-Barouki.

Inspired by his deep-rooted connection to agriculture and a desire to preserve the region's natural beauty, Al-Barouki has transformed his family farm into a flourishing tourist haven.

Al-Barouki's love for the land runs deep. Growing up surrounded by generations of farmers, he cultivated a connection to agriculture that blossomed into a unique vision.

Inspired by childhood memories of grapevines, almond trees, and sprawling orchards, he envisioned a way to share his family's legacy while celebrating the region's natural beauty.

This vision went beyond rows of crops. Al-Barouki embarked on a meticulous restoration of the farm, preserving its rustic charm. Terraced landscapes were revitalized, iconic trees and the ancient well were maintained, and meandering pathways with stone-paved seating areas were added.

The farm has successfully employed drip irrigation technology for strawberry cultivation, aligning with the Saudi Vision 2030 goals. This pioneering initiative has not only enhanced the farm's offerings but also created new investment opportunities and fostered a culture of agricultural diversification.

The impact of Al-Barouki Farm extends far beyond its picturesque setting. It is a source of community pride, employing over 20 local youths and families involved in cottage industries during peak seasons.

Al-Barouki's commitment to sustainability extends to future plans, with a comprehensive development strategy encompassing agriculture, recreation, and further investment.