Environment Week 2024 Highlights Saudi Arabia’s Leading Role in Green Era

Environment Week 2024 Highlights Saudi Arabia’s Leading Role in Green Era

Next Sunday, the Kingdom is launching Environment Week 2024, an event highlighting its position as a leader in preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development.

The event’s activities embody the Kingdom's commitment to environmental issues and aim to enhance environmental awareness among society.

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture is organizing the event and has planned various activities such as workshops, lectures, field activities, and awareness campaigns to spread awareness and encourage citizens to preserve natural resources and achieve sustainable development.

Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture Eng. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al-Fadhli will open this year's Environment Week activities. During the event, he will highlight the Kingdom's achievements and efforts in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

The Kingdom is among the countries that prioritize the environment and sustainable development. It has comprehensive strategic plans aimed at achieving a balance between economic growth and environmental protection, and it has taken significant steps to build a more sustainable ecological future since the 2016 launch of Vision 2030.

The Kingdom adopted a national strategy for the environment and launched a package of national legislation, strategies, and plans to protect, develop, and sustain the environment.

It also adopted several pioneering national initiatives to enhance environmental conservation, most notably the Saudi Green and Middle East Green initiatives.

The ministry adopted a plan to develop the waste sector in the Kingdom, which includes the recycling of up to 95% with a SAR120 billion contribution to the gross domestic product in addition to achieving sustainability through recycling of up to 100 million tons annually.

Since its launch in 2021, the Saudi Green Initiative has supported environmental protection efforts, the acceleration of the transition to cleaner energy, and sustainability programs to achieve its comprehensive goals in the field of compensating and reducing carbon emissions, increasing afforestation and land rehabilitation, and protecting the terrestrial and marine areas in the Kingdom.

This comes at a time when dust storms recorded their lowest ratio in the Kingdom at 10%, attributed to the large presence of reserves, the increase in rainfall, the adoption of the rain seeding program, the preservation of more than 94,000 hectares of land, the cultivation of more than 49 million trees across the Kingdom, and the launch of a global center for sustainability solutions and their applications using artificial intelligence with accuracy index of prediction and early warning of weather hazards reaching 78.76%.

Environment Week 2024 is an important step towards enhancing awareness of the importance of protecting and developing environment and -- through the continuous efforts and commitment of the ministry and the community -- the goals of environmental and economic sustainability in the Kingdom in accordance with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

In this context, the ministry has called on all governmental and private agencies and community members to actively participate in the Environment Week’s activities and contribute to building a better and more sustainable future, and spread community environmental awareness, stimulate individual and community responsibility, and promote positive environmental behaviors and emphasize the importance of community participation in various activities to raise awareness of environmental conservation.