Learning English from first grade, next year

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh said learning of English will be part of the school curriculum; from the first grade of elementary school effective from next year. The minister also unveiled plans to commence digital education from the fourth year of the elementary phase of school education.

Attending a program of Al-Ekhbariah channel; the minister said that this is part of the ministry’s plans for development of the school education system. Al-Sheikh said that there are series of changes in various phases of education to serve the interests of the youth. This is so as to enable graduates to obtain what qualifies them to compete in global market.

The minister said that there are plans to adopt five tracks in the secondary phase of school education; four of which are specialized. “It is not necessary for all these tracks to be in every secondary school, but only in major schools.

“The general education stage is an important stage and we cannot improve higher education without improving secondary education, and this will happen in 2021,” the minister also said.

The minister also added that there would be certain subjects that would be taught remotely, and distance education will continue even after the coronavirus pandemic.