Labor Courts Performance Indicators Continue to Grow in Saudi Arabia

Labor Courts Performance Indicators Continue to Grow in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Justice said today that the performance of labor courts indicators is on the rise; as more and more labor cases reach a resolution.

According to latest statistics by the ministry; there were around 4200 rulings last month only with an average of 210 rulings a day. This makes more than 120% increase in number of rulings of labor courts compared to the same period last year.

“Since the launch of the labor courts in late 2018, we have been witnessing a high level of efficiency by these courts reflected in the growing number of cases successfully resolved over a short period”.

Recently the ministry has given special attention to group complaints, it has assigned a special mobile notary to serve clients of labor courts specifically.

Labor courts managed to resolve several disputes related to a group of workers. This also ensures those workers are well compensated promptly and giving labor market assurance and stability.

The launch of a specialized judiciary like the commercial and labor courts is part of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 which focuses on facilitating business and investment in Saudi Arabia.

According to the latest report by SAGIA; over 1130 new international companies entered the Saudi market in 2019, this being the highest record in 10 years.