Ex-Kuwaiti parliament member asks to kill Shakira in Saudi Arabia

Kuwaiti parliament member asks to kill Shakira in Saudi Arabia

Former Kuwaiti parliament member Nasser Al-Dwaila has called the Iranian-backed Houthi group to attack the Colombian singer Shakira with rockets during attending a singing party in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Dwaila claimed that Shakira will attend to Saudi Arabia on 12 July to attend a singing party at Abha in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The ex-Kuwaiti parliament member, who is famed with his favor to the terrorist group Muslims Brotherhood, attacked more of the events organized by Saudi Entertainment Authority in several places in the kingdom.

The Saudi Entertainment Authority organized more parties in several places in the kingdom to meet the demands of the Saudi Arabian people as well as keeping up the changes in the kingdom towards the social and cultural variety to reach the Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia hosted more of star artists from around the world as well as hosting more sports and cultural events that met the appreciation of the domestic fans but the Kuwaiti parliament member has another view claiming that this events is differ with the religious teachings so he asked to rocket Abha with rockets to stop such parties.