Kuwait: Khashoggi’s murder case reflects Riyadh’s abidance by law rulings

The State of Kuwait confirmed that the preliminary rulings issued by the Criminal Court in Riyadh regarding the case of the death of late citizen Jamal Khashoggi confirm the Kingdom’s commitment to the principles of law and its keenness to implement them.

An official source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press statement carried by the Kuwait News Agency that the State of Kuwait has followed with interest the rulings that the Saudi judiciary issued yesterday, Monday, against those accused of the murder of citizen Jamal Khashoggi, which reflect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s abidance by the principles of law and its keenness to apply them in response to anyone who tries to undermine the kingdom and its just judiciary.

The source affirmed that the State of Kuwait support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in everything that preserves its security and stability.