KSrelief’s projects provide support to orphans, their families in Yemen

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center is carrying out several projects in cooperation with Al-Khair Coalition for Humanitarian Relief to provide relief to orphans their families in various Yemeni governorates.

As part of its “Seed of Safety” project, the KSrelief’s team held counseling and social sessions with orphans and their families in the governorates of Marib, Al-Jawf, Sanaa and Al-Bayda, benefiting 300 orphans and 50 families.

During the sessions, the KSrelief team explained the importance of strengthening human solidarity, fulfilling the needs of orphans and integrating them into society, as well as providing advice to the breadwinners to make them eligible to work.

It should be noted that the KSrelief has been carrying out various humanitarian projects and programs for orphans and their families in Yemen with an aim to improve their living conditions and support them in all fields.

In 2018, the KSrelief implemented a “My Skills My Livelihood” project to improve the livelihoods of orphan families and in 2019, the KSrelief launched “You are not Alone” project to protect and ensure the families of orphans. And now in 2020, the “Seed of Safety” project is providing even more care for this vulnerable group.

These projects are part of the humanitarian efforts the KSrelief is undertaking on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni brothers who are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises.