KSrelief project helping victims of Houthi mutilation in Yemen walk again

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), supported by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), has continued to improve access to different services for displaced persons in Yemen.
IOM and KSrelief aim to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and provide education services and facilities to Yemen’s Aden, Hadramout and Lahj governorates.
As part of the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan, the Al-Jaada Health Center in the country’s Hajjah governorate provided treatment services to 16,667 people in February. The center’s laboratory department received 2,281 patients and provided medication to 4,738 individuals.
Backed by KSrelief, the prosthetics center in Yemen’s Taiz governorate continues to provide medical services and prosthetic limbs to those mutilated by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. KSrelief has implemented 575 projects in Yemen at a total cost of nearly $3.5 billion. The initiatives have been carried out in cooperation with 80 local, regional and international partners.
Since its inception in 2015, KSrelief has implemented 1,544 projects in 59 countries at a total cost of nearly $5 billion.
The initiatives were carried out in cooperation with 144 local, regional and international partners since the inception of the center in May 2015.
According to a recent KSRelief report, the countries and territories that benefited the most from the center’s various projects include Yemen ($3.48 billion), Palestine ($363 million), Syria ($305 million) and Somalia ($203 million).